Picking a Hotel

Finding the right hotel for a road trip can be a pain in the backside, but now? Well, it isn’t like the old days where you would turn up at any old motel and snag a room. Nowadays, you can check out review sites to make sure that your hotel has all the creature comforts that you’re really looking for.

Before you’ve even set off on your trek you can have that room booked and look through pictures from customers and check out all of the reviews and ratings. There’s also the added bonus of scoping out the area around your hotel to check out events and restaurants that come recommended by travelers that have gone before you.

The Most Important Thing

First of all, what matters to you? If Wi-Fi a total must? Are you looking for quiet, privacy, a pool? Do you want a restaurant on site or nearby? Take time to compile a Top 5 list and start with those advanced search options. Once you’ve narrowed your list you can always add more musts to see which hotels will stack up against your needs the most.

It’s All ‘Bout the Money

It’s the most important thing, right? Well, it certainly plays a big part when you’re booking a hotel room. Work out your budget so that you can hit the comparison sites and get the most out of them. With Street Maps you’ll see what hotels and motels are on your route which should make things even more simple for you. You don’t want to get off the highway and stray too far off the beaten path to get to a hotel.

You can save a lot of money using a website where you big on a hotel room, but the problem with that is that you have no clue what you’re paying for until you’ve won the bid and paid for it. If your group aren’t too concerned with what hotel you end up in then it’s a great way to save money, and it can be kind of fun to get a surprise.

Location, Location, Location

You don’t want to be too far off the beaten path for more than just the reason of your chosen route. You also don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere and have to waste time getting to and from each of the attractions that you’ve planned in to see. Especially if once you’ve arrived you are choosing to rely on public transport to make your way around the city that you’re visiting. Then again, if you do want a getaway that affords you peace and quiet then you’ll want something out of the way.

The Locals

If you want to experience the city as the locals do, then staying in a B&B might be the answer for you. B&B owners offer insights into an area that you might not get anywhere else.

Creature Comforts

Does a hotel have a swimming pool? Are there beaches nearby? Is there a gym, or a fitness center? Does the hotel offer room service? Is there an events room? Will your room have toiletries, bathrobes, coffee makers, TVs, fireplaces or…? You may travel a lot and therefore expect a lot from your hotel, you might not be all that bothered about what you get. You should be prepared to do some research to make sure your hotel will meet your needs.


Again, if you are a frequent traveler you may already be a member of a rewards program. If you haven’t already, do it now. You can earn free meals, upgrades, extra nights and other goodies, and all you have to do is use the same hotel wherever you go. It’s as close as getting something for nothing as it gets. I mean, sure you have to spend money, but if you’re a frequenter of hotels then you’re already paying money to stay somewhere. You might as well get some benefits from it.

Carbon Footprint

Most businesses are focusing on being green nowadays and that includes hotels. Pretty much all of the bigger cities have green certified hotels, so it might be a bit more difficult do so in a smaller city. Some hotels may not be certified, but they do leave signs in the rooms encouraging you to use your towels more than once. Chances are if you were at home you would use your towel more than once, so why would it be any different on your travels? You can take it a step further by letting them know you don’t need your sheets changed on a daily basis. It could even score you a free drink, after all you’ve saved them both time and money.

Family Friendly

If you’re traveling with your kids, then your priorities are likely to be a bit different than the average traveler’s requirements.

There are plenty of websites that can point you in the right direction when it comes to staying in a hotel that’s designed for the family. Work those requirements into the advanced search when you’re looking for a suitable hotel, and double check on Street Maps whether it’s on your route.


See, it might sound time consuming, but wouldn’t you rather plan ahead to avoid a complete disaster stay at a grungy hotel by finding a hotel that meets all of your needs? Better yet, one that might just go above and beyond and exceed all of your expectations. You can be as specific, or as vague, as you want.